The Challenge

Varying conditions and driving styles means that lubricants and fluids are not always changed at the correct point.  The result is fluids that are changed prematurely or too late and hence when the sludge build-up is greater than what the additive pack in the fluid can cope with.  This wastes money or worse, creates unnecessary damage and subsequent downtime to vehicles or machinery.

Fluid Rx provides the solution to both of these problems.  The patented Radial Planar Chromatography (RPC) technology accurately determines when a fluid needs to be changed.   For just pennies per test, Fluid Rx® allows you to see total sludge content and determine when a fluid has reached its functional limits.

Purchasing a Vehicle?

A lot of attention is paid to a vehicles cosmetic condition when looking to purchase.  Many also take the time to examine the mechanical condition and even the fluid levels.  However, very few pay attention to the quality of the lubricants and fluids – Until Now.

Fluid Rx can be used to accurately determine the quality of all oils and fluids prior to making a purchase.  If fluids are tired then it will enable you, the purchaser, to leverage a free service or discount on the overall purchase price.

It also provides invaluable information concerning the ownership of the vehicle – has it been looked after?  Does the last recorded service interval fit in with the condition of the fluids?

Use Fluid Rx to ensure that the servicing is up to date on any potential purchase.

Fluid Distributors, Retailers, Service Centres & Fleet Operators

Build customer confidence and credibility as well as improve the profitability of your business.

OEM Tested and Approved by Ford, Hyundai, Kia, and more , Fluid Rx is the new generation of automotive fluid analysis and is increasing the bottom line for lubricant distributors and service centres around the world.

Radial planar chromatographic technology developed by Fluid Rx Instant Lubricant Diagnostics is the ultimate proof positive when it’s time to change fluids and lubricants. Service operators, owners and managers have found Fluid Rx Diagnostics to be a valuable tool for growing their business.

The leading voice of the oil change industry recognized the power of a truly scientific process for determining fluid condition. “New Fluid Diagnostics Kits Tell Operators, and Customers, What Fluid Service Intervals Should Really Be.”

Detect sludge instantly, with just one drop!

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Use Fluid Rx® Instant Fluid Diagnostics with the patented Radial Planar Chromatography (RPC) technology to accurately determine when a fluid needs to be changed. For just pennies per test, Fluid Rx® allows you to see total sludge content and determine when a fluid has reached its functional limits. Get instant, on-the-spot results with no tools or special knowledge needed.