How It Works

All modern lubricants contain additives that inhibit breakdown. As these additives are depleted, sludge forms. This shortens equipment life and reduces performance causing an overall increase in operating costs. Fluid Rx is a patented radial planner chromatographic diagnostic tool that provides analysis of a fluid’s additive package, its dispersant properties and total sludge or debris content; no tools or special training is needed.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics provides simple and accurate verification that a fluid should be changed in accordance with MAP/AMRA UICS fluid recommendations and California BAR guidelines.

Simply place a drop of the sample fluid or lubricant on the Fluid Rx tester (filter paper) then compare the findings to the Fluid Rx ISO Laboratory analysis chart. In seconds Fluid Rx provides an analysis of crankcase and gear oils; power steering, transmission and brake fluids. Our All-In-One Antifreeze/ Coolant Diagnostics provides a simple & accurate evaluation of glycol content, and the anticorrosive package of all coolants including ELC and Long-Life formulas.

Step 1

Simply place a drop of the sample fluid on the unique Fluid Rx® tester paper.

In seconds, the test drop percolates through the test sheet creating a chromatogram.

Step 2

Uniform, clear and or light in color, chromatograms indicate that the additive package is in good condition and any particulate contamination present is being evenly dispersed.

As the additive package breaks down, sludge is formed. Particulate contaminants and/or wear debris are revealed in bands or zones of different colors and densities. The chromatogram is typically darker in the center than on the outer edges.

Step 3

The Fluid Rx® Diagnostic Chart shows how these fluids appear on the Fluid Rx® test sheet at their different points of depletion in the laboratory.

Simply compare the test chromatograms to the Fluid Rx® Diagnostics chart for an accurate scientific analysis of the fluids condition.

In an instant, you and your customer will know if the fluid is good or needs to be changed or flushed.

Detect sludge instantly, with just one drop!

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Use Fluid Rx® Instant Fluid Diagnostics with the patented Radial Planar Chromatography (RPC) technology to accurately determine when a fluid needs to be changed. For just pennies per test, Fluid Rx® allows you to see total sludge content and determine when a fluid has reached its functional limits. Get instant, on-the-spot results with no tools or special knowledge needed.