Corporate & Trade

If you distribute or sell lubricants, service any type of vehicle or machinery, then you need Fluid Rx.

Fluid Rx now serves a multitude of companies from around the World and is dedicated in ensuring that Fluid Rx fits in with your business to increase your bottom line by establishing instant credibility with the consumer. Dealers and workshops alike successfully use Fluid Rx to increase customer loyalty, dramatically increase sales or reduce operating costs.

Distributors, Retailers and Service Centres

  • Get instant credibility for your technician, and proof positive for your customer
  • Increase your sales ticket average
  • Reinforce your recommendations by demonstrating a fluid needs to be changed or flushed
  • Document fluid condition at every service
  • Provide records of fluid testing and your recommendations.
  • Increase Customer loyalty and retention
  • Instil trust and confidence in your services and recommendations.

Fleet Operators

  • Reduce overall maintenance and operating expenses with low-cost on-the-spot fluid analysis
  • Protect your equipment
  • With regular use, identify wear problems in advance and make repairs before a costly failure removes a vehicle from service
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Analyse fluids on the spot to optimize fluid replacement intervals.
  • Document fluid condition at every service
  • Provide records of fluid testing and your recommendations.

If you are looking to get ahead of the competition or reduce your operating costs then contact us for a free no obligation consultation. We can tailor a solution to fit your business, providing the exact tests and custom design elements that you require.

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Detect sludge instantly, with just one drop!

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Use Fluid Rx® Instant Fluid Diagnostics with the patented Radial Planar Chromatography (RPC) technology to accurately determine when a fluid needs to be changed. For just pennies per test, Fluid Rx® allows you to see total sludge content and determine when a fluid has reached its functional limits. Get instant, on-the-spot results with no tools or special knowledge needed.