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Welcome to www.fluidrx.co.uk, the home of the patent protected Fluid Rx® test kits for the UK.

We have a team dedicated to ensuring that you get the best from Fluid Rx products. Whatever business you are in – retail, distribution or servicing of vehicles or machinery, then Fluid Rx can assist you and your business. If you are a consumer then Fluid Rx can help you track the scheduling of fluid changes for your vehicle or provide a valuable analysis of the quality of fluids on a potential purchase of a used vehicle.

As a business Fluid Rx establishes trust with the consumer. Instant credibility that is proven to increases revenue.

We welcome your feedback. Call us today to see how we can help your business.

Detect sludge instantly, with just one drop!

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Use Fluid Rx® Instant Fluid Diagnostics with the patented Radial Planar Chromatography (RPC) technology to accurately determine when a fluid needs to be changed. For just pennies per test, Fluid Rx® allows you to see total sludge content and determine when a fluid has reached its functional limits. Get instant, on-the-spot results with no tools or special knowledge needed.